Release and Book Signing of His Mother! Women Write about their Mothers-in-Law with Humor, Frustration, and Love

Just in time for Mother-in-Law Day! (October 23, 2016) the release of His Mother! Women Write about their Mothers-in-Law with Humor, Frustration, and Love.

Local author Lillian M. Batarseh is one of the contributing authors to this just-released anthology compiled and edited by Sandy F. Richardson of Sumter, SC.

Batarseh’s poem “Apostrophe to Catherine” won third place in the 2010 Sidney Lanier Award Poetry Competition, and her memoir True Grits was published online in January 2011 by Southern Women’s Review. She is a member and current facilitator of FloWriters, a South Carolina writers’ group. Batarseh and Richardson will sign copies of the book at the Clay Pot Coffee Shop on Saturday, October 22, from 11:00 to 2:00.

His Mother! Women Write about their Mothers-in-law with Humor, Frustration, and Love ($12.00, Southern Sass Publishing Alliances, September 2016) tempts readers to look into the true state of the mother-in-law relationship. The eighteen selections in the collection are written by women across the boundaries of age, race, religion, and ethnicities and introduce several American, French, Italian, Greek, and Palestinian mothers-in-law.

The authors are playwrights, novelists, film directors, educators, poets, artists, journalists, and a couple of fresh voices in the writing world. All bear witness to the vast and varying range of relationships between wives and His Mother! and to the complexity of the women themselves. Among other examples, readers will discover:

  • An “Orange County socialite addicted to Disney paraphernalia” who demands on their first meeting that her daughter-in-law “name all the seven dwarfs”
  • One belle-mère who flirts incessantly with her son, while her Italian counter-part takes pride in her life as a Fascist during the war
  • Mart ‘Ami, who in the 1930s, literally stood on a soapbox to denounce the British whom she feared would “give away” her beloved Palestine
  • A stay-at-home mother-in-law who attended porn movies with her husband because “men have needs”
  • The mother of one renowned artist who threatened to kill her daughter in law

“The idea for His Mother! took shape over a shared chocolate dessert when author Dianne Johnson and I traded sad stories of our mothers-in-laws,” Richardson said. “We were -MORE-

fascinated that our stories shared such similarities in spite of our differences in race and life

experiences. Dianne suggested we should write a book, and so we set out to do some research. Over time, her other obligations demanded more attention, and so I continued the project on my own, and she contributed her moving story to His Mother!”

Sandy Richardson published her first book The Girl Who Ate Chicken Feet (Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin USA) in 1998. Since then, her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in anthologies, magazines, and on-line, and have earned numerous honors, including a starred review from Booklist and a Pushcart Nomination in 2013. She is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Southern Sass Publishing Alliances.

Information on the individual contributors to His Mother! appears on-line at

His Mother! Women Write about their Mothers-in-law with Humor, Frustration, and Love ($12.00, 161 pages, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, paperback and e-book, ISBN: 0692757929, ISBN:13:978-0692757925) is available in bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. It will also continue to be available at the Clay Pot Coffee Shop in Florence.

Target Tokyo at Live@Central

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LIVE@CENTRAL!  will host James Scott as he shares the story of this this nerve racking WW2 epic. After the program, Scott will sign books.  The program will be presented at 6:30 PM, Wednesday, October 14th, at Central United Methodist Church on the Corner of South Irby Street and West Cheves Street in downtown Florence. The optional meal for this evening will be a BBQ fundraiser for the United Methodist Women of the church catered by School House BBQ for $8.00 per plate served beginning at 5:00 PM.    To reserve for the meal please call 843-662-3218.   All LIVE@CENTRAL! programs are presented without charge and the public is invited to attend.  For more information call Murray Jordan at 843-229-0379 or Linda Segars at 843-662-3218.