Francis Marion University | Fine Arts Studio Voice Recital

Francis Marion University Fine Arts

Studio Voice Recital –

Students of Dr. Fran Coleman

performing at
Adele Kassab Recital Hall, Hyman Fine Arts Center
Monday, April 27, 2020 at 7:30pm

Come celebrate the accomplishments of voice students in Dr. Coleman’s studio as they perform classical as well as contemporary songs.

RESERVATIONS: This performance is free and open to the public. No reservations, general admission.

Francis Marion University Department of Fine Arts | MUSIC INDUSTRY ENSEMBLE

Francis Marion University Department of Fine Arts presents its

MUSIC INDUSTRY ENSEMBLE directed by Dr. Brandon Goff

April 9, 2020 at 7:30pm  performance at

Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center


The Music Industry Ensemble is a chamber ensemble devoted to the development of individual performance and improvisation skills through the staging of music for small groups representing a variety of classic and modern jazz, pop, rock and soul styles.

RESERVATIONS: Free admission, no advance reservations.

University Place Gallery | Adrian Rhodes BLOOD AND HONEY | FMU Juried Student Exhibition

University Place Gallery host two exhibitions opening March 10th:

2020 FMU Juried Student Art Exhibition

and a solo exhibition by its juror,

Adrian Rhodes: Blood and Honey

Exhibition Dates: March 10 – April 17, 2020
Artist Lecture: April 17th at 4:00pm
Closing Reception: April 17th, 6:00-8:00pm
University Place Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm

2020 FMU Juried Student Art Exhibition

This exhibition provides FMU Visual Art Students with an opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional gallery while gaining experience in presenting their work according to professional practices. This exhibition was open to FMU Visual Art majors and minors, as well as Art Education majors. Juror Adrian Rhodes selected twenty-one artworks created by fourteen Visual Art students. A wide variety of media are included and works range from ceramic sculpture and graphite on paper, to 35mm photography, cyanotype and scanography.


Adrian Rhodes: Blood and Honey

Adrian Rhodes is a painter, printmaker, and installation artist who transforms gallery spaces into new realities, rich with symbolic imagery and her bold design aesthetic. Themes of bees, the human condition, the matrilineal, the corporeal, and mortality find themselves looping out of paper trails and attached to walls in swarms of winged creatures made of paper.


The Francis Marion Department of Fine Arts presents The Type Directors Club, February 25 through April 2 in the Adele Kassab Gallery located within the Hyman Fine Arts Center.
Established in 1946, the Type Directors Club(TDC) builds a community through public events and platforms, supports the growth of students and early career professionals and recognizes excellence in type design across the world.
In connection with their landmark yearly competitions, the TDC produces and publishes a Typography Annual and coordinates eight traveling exhibits of award-winning work, appealing to graphic designers, art directors, editors, media makers, students, and entrepreneurs, those who love typography, letterforms, and the written word.
Type Directors Club
Kassab Gallery, Hyman Fine Arts Center
Francis Marion University
February 25 – April 2, 2020
8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday

FMU Fine Arts | Impressed by Nature

The Adele Kassab Gallery located within the Hyman Fine Arts Center of Francis Marion University presents Impressed by Nature an exhibition by Miyako Fujiwara. Born in Hokkaido in Japan, Miyako Fujiwara was interested in ceramics throughout her youth but did not start her relationship with clay until studying tea ceremony after graduating from college in Tokyo, where she studied mathematics.
Later she moved to the U.S. and became involved in the ceramics program at Harvard University while working as an Assistant Curator at the Museum of Natural History and Anthropology, where she helped curate nearly 400,000 archived specimens of birds for both research and exhibition. Benefiting from that extensive program, she gained experience in all varieties of firing: soda, wood, raku, and saggar.
Miyako moved to Charleston at the end of 2010 and became a member at cone 10 studios where she continued to gain practical experience with running the studio, such as mixing glazes, loading and unloading kilns, recycling clay, and setting up exhibits at the cone 10 studios gallery. In 2012, she became a member of Charleston Crafts Cooperative by juried evaluation of her work.
After living in the SC for more than 8 years, she continues to be impressed and inspired by the rich natural history of the Lowcountry.  She has been exploring the creative possibilities of expressing the beauty of nature through clay, working with local trees, native plants, shells, bird nests, which also resonates with her experience as a museum curator. She is fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the living environment both visually and structurally.
This exhibition “Impressed by Nature” emphasizes the richness and beauty of nature in the Carolina Lowcountry, which she enjoys daily and which is quite opposite from the synthetic beauty of the controlled urban landscape of Tokyo. For this exhibition Miyako also explored more hand-building techniques to express organic shapes, patterns and colors in oxidation firing.
Impressed By Nature
Kassab Gallery, Hyman Fine Arts Center
Francis Marion University
February 25 – April 2, 2020
8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday

Francis Marion University Fine Arts Theatre

Francis Marion University Theatre

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb’s  Boom 

Dr. L. Dawn Larsen, director

Francis Marion University Performing Arts Center

Downtown Florence

Wednesday-Friday, February 19-22, 2020 at 7:30pm and Saturday at 2pm

THE STORY: Jules, a grad student in marine biology, and Jo, a journalism student, meet one Saturday night in Jules’s small underground laboratory on a university campus, after Jo answers Jules’s online personal ad offering an encounter that promises “sex to change the course of the world.” During his research on a deserted tropical island, Jules discovered patterns among the behavior of fish that seemed to portend a premature end to most forms of earthly life. So he has turned his tiny lab/apartment into a place to wait out the disaster and begin remaking humanity. A third character, Barbara, is the audience’s guide in her portrayal of the end of civilization thousands of years earlier.

$5 admission supports the Fine Arts Performing Arts Scholarships. Reservations may only be made by calling the FMU Performing Arts Center Box Office at 843-661-4444 between 12:00 and 5:00 pm.

Francis Marion University Spring Recital

Francis Marion University Faculty Recital

Paolo Gualdi, piano

Francis Marion University Kassab Recital Hall, Hyman Fine Arts Center

Monday, February 10, 2020 at 7:30pm

Italian pianist Paolo André Gualdi has played recitals in Italy, France, Brazil and the United States for music organizations such as A.Gi.Mus., Accademia Ori, and Accademia Amadeus (Italy); Universidade Federal do Rio Grande so Sul and Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil); Musée Würth (France); International Piano Series of Charleston, American Liszt Society, Cincinnati Conservatory, and the Piccolo Spoleto Festival (U.S.A.). He has recorded for Mark Records and IFO Classics, and his performances have been broadcasted by radios such as NPR and Radio Vaticana.

Free admission, no advance reservations.

FMU University Theatre – Steven Dietz’s Rocket Man

Francis Marion University Theatre presents Steven Dietz’s Rocket Man directed by Dr. L. Dawn Larsen at the Hyman Fine Arts Center Theatre

7:30 pm Thursday-Saturday, April 12-14, 2018

THE STORY:  ROCKET MAN is a serious comedy about the road not taken. Donny Rowan has placed everything he owns on his front lawn, along with a sign that reads: “Here’s my life. Make an offer.” He has cut a skylight into his attic and placed his E-Z Boy recliner underneath—where he can sit, staring at the stars. Somewhere in the universe, Donny believes, is a place where all the roads we never chose converge. ROCKET MAN explores one man’s obsessive desire to find this “parallel world”—and the profound effect of his decision on his family and friends.

“Incredibly creative and daringly different, be prepared to embark on a voyage into those secret spaces within in the human mind which most of us never unlock.” —Arizona Daily Wildcat. “An engaging investigation into one man’s crisis of faith and the consequences of his actions.” —Arizona Daily Star.

RESERVATIONS: Reservations may be made by calling 843-661-1365 between 1:00 and 5:00 pm. Thanks to Department of Fine Arts sponsorship, admission is free.

FMU Percussion Ensemble

Francis Marion University Percussion Ensemble Performance, directed by Shane Reeves, at the Performing Arts Center in downtown Florence

7:30 pm Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The percussion ensemble performs music written expressly for percussion. The works performed by the ensemble utilize a variety of percussion instruments and encompass a multitude of musical styles including classic works for percussion ensemble, world music, transcriptions, and contemporary percussion music.

RESERVATIONS: Reservations may be made by calling the FMU Performing Arts Centerat 843-661-4444 between 12:00 and 5:00 pm.