“My Art is My Ministry” Opening Reception

My Art is My Ministry – October 23-December 29th
Opening Reception Friday October 23rd 6:30pm Gallery
Entertainment Marcus Goodman Acoustic Blues Set 7pm Cafe
He calls himself Frank S. Cooper, Minister the Eloquent Impressionist Articulator….
Born in Hollandale Beach Florida in 1953; and after 3rd grade Frank Cooper started his life as a migrant worker, traveling from state to state to pick apples, tomatoes, peaches, oranges, potatoes, beans, grapefruit, lemons, and his least favorite crop, tobacco.  His Daddy was a field contractor and home was the camps they set up a long side of the fields, his calendar was the seasons of the crops.  Most of his days began at dawn and worked until dusk. He never had much time for play, but remembers the good days outweighed the bad. Seems he felt the times were purer when he was coming up, they didn’t own much, never really visited the doctors and his heath was good, always eating fresh cropped food. 
It’s been over 20 years that Frank took up painting, it could have been a form of self-medicating; and painting did calm is soul. But after the death of his mother and Frank himself taking ill (cancer) he moved to Lamar SC where he describes that he lived in the woods for many years, keeping to himself, and healing with the calmness.  Eventually he moved to Timmonsville and was inspired to start painting again, by an acquaintance he’d met, Kenneth Charles.  Mr. Cooper paints today out of a storage unit in West Florence where he goes daily to read the bible, pray, meditate, and yes to create his ministry.  
Much like outsider artists his supplies are reuse products, the paints he uses are oil, latex, and acrylic, his canvas is salvaged drapery material, (treated fabrics), pieces of canvas tarps, and even some trampoline fabric.  Frank’s art work is vivid in color, light hearted and gives off a cheerful splashes of life.  He shared that he can’t paint people, it’s not his talent but he loves and enjoys nature; the freedom of flowing water, trees that blow in the wind and the fruits and vegetables of the land, its these simplest forms of life give him the will to create.  “I’m really inspired to show compassion and teach others to find it (compassion) live it, and share it.  God gave me that talent and I want to honor him by using it.”