Bindings by Lee Ann Harrison

Hyman Fine Arts Center Gallery
8:30 am to 5pm

Lee Ann Harrison installing

Lee Ann Harrison is an instructor in visual arts at the Community School of Davidson, N.C.  Harrison received her M.F.A with emphasis in sculpture and painting from Winthrop University.

Harrison’s installations evoke fragility while dominating the gallery space.

“I explore installations using the enclosure of a room and the addition of sculptures to occupy and command the space. Three-dimensional forms hang from the ceiling in a looming, intrusive manner, yet other installed forms offer tentative, fragile illusions. The human form is my inspiration – then, I contort, deconstruct and reconstruct it to highlight deformity, missing appendages, and bindings to limit movement.

“My intent is to create a reflective and charged viewer response as I share narratives on the gay life experience. Twisting and contorting materials illustrate the confining contradictions of a gay individual ‘passing’ in a predominately straight world. This duality is integral and the materials serve as a mirroring of the conflict.”