YAP: Young Arts Patrons in Florence

The Florence Regional Arts Alliances is delighted to introduce a new program to the community. The program is for twenty to early thirty year olds seeking to engage within the Florence Art Community through an affordable platform. The boundaries and description of this group defined often as millennial, generation Y, Generation Me or Echo Boomers include those born in the mid 1980s and later.

The hope of this program is to instill a diverse age group within the audience members of established arts organizations, but to also make introductions to new and developing arts events, artists or arts businesses.

For more information about events please contact our director at email director@florenceartsalliance.org

Each event attended will be complimented by a special addition to the program so that participants not only attend the event but also learn more about items such as the venue, organization, production or people involved behind the scenes. The Florence Regional Arts Alliance Board of Directors in keeping with its mission hopes this program will increase arts appreciation and support within a new generation of patrons.

The Florence Regional Arts Alliance is a community-based local arts agency that serves the citizens of Florence County and the Pee Dee. It is committed to preserving, supporting and promoting a vibrant arts community for Florence County and the surrounding region. This organization is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. To learn more about the Florence Regional Arts Alliance and its mission, visit www.florenceartsalliance.org.