Pause | Connect Exhibit







Pause for a moment to view the environs and connect with the familiar on a deeper level. An invitation is extended for the viewer to explore a prelude of artists which call this space and time home. Peer through windows exploring connections between life and death, understanding that one cannot exist wit out the other. Open doorways into the sacred beauty of explored grief through vivid, techno-color portals or vessels. Travel down hallways where the isolation of rural interiors coexist with memory and comfort. See the poignant nostalgia of family rituals reflected in patterns and repetitions of daily objects. Explore the memory of beloved community landscapes. Revisit mystical childhood biblical stories retold through a tender modern day vantage point. Ponder the “state of affairs” between consumption and decay through all stages of productivity and use. Travel through time and discern the passage of information and its creation as you move through the space. Art remains a vehicle in which to explore, confront, and chronicle the human experience. Connectivity to self and space is felt most when it is gone. Cultural experiences and interactions strengthen the pathways and structures which affect the experience of being human and dwelling in community.


August 21-November 14, 2020

TRAX Visual Art Center

122 Sauls Street

Lake City, SC


Tuesday-Saturday: 11AM-5PM


Participating artists: Jennifer Altman, Jan Chenoweth, Colleen Critcher, Lynda English, Patz Fowle, Mike Fowle, Symon Gibson, Douglas Gray, Roger Halligan, Ashley Hamilton, Uschi Jeffcoat, Cornelia Joyner, Mary Ellen Judge, Milton Miles, Sarah Helen Mishoe, Julie Mixon, Tiffany Thomas, and Kimberly Washburn.

“Zeitgeist” by Uschi Jeffcoat